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So you have a grand event “on the nose” – buying a new apartment and moving. In large cities, many potential newcomers are wondering whether it is worth it to be settled in secondary housing, or to give preference to a new building. There are pros and cons of both cases, let’s look at them.

First of all, the difference will be in price. The apartment in a new building on the plan of its design can be purchased for $ 100-300 per square meter cheaper than in finished housing. You can find good apartments at low prices on the Internet, look at the new buildings Odintsovo data for 2012.

When settling in secondary housing, many are not very pleased with the fact that someone had already lived in the apartment. Here, of course, a major overhaul may come to the rescue, which gives the apartment a new “clothes”, and the owners feels like belonging to a new housing.

On the other hand, buying a finished apartment, you can choose the right location, evaluate the infrastructure, future neighbors and other important parameters. In the new areas there is no such possibility: setting in a freshly apartment, you can prepare for the fact that there will be sand and construction for a couple of years around you. Of course, developers plan to open schools, trading floors, and entertainment centers, but you will have to wait.

However, the undoubted advantage of the fact that you are the first owner of the apartment is the transparency of the transaction. Buying a used apartment, you cannot be sure that all previous contracts of sale were issued correctly and that you are insured against the sudden appearance of previous residents.

Finally, a little advice. If you are not a big fan of historical buildings and decided to get an apartment in a house under construction, we recommend that you carefully study the portfolio of the developer, find out customer reviews, see examples of work. Only in the absence of visible complaints, conclude an agreement.

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