Do Russians buy real estate abroad?

Good day, readers of our site. It’s no secret that any resident of Russia and not only dreams, wants or at least thinks about the acquisition of real estate somewhere abroad. Such interest is growing steadily, almost every day. The bulk of such people are Muscovites (70-75%), the rest are residents of the former CIS countries and other regions. I saw such statistics here, you can see for yourself.

Based on the information provided by Anna Levitova – the managing partner of one of the popular companies, such countries like Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, the United States of America, Bulgaria, Finland, Turkey and Montenegro got into the ten countries popular among Russians.

Often, most of the citizens of the Russian Federation acquire foreign real estate for the purpose of investment and with the aim of relaxing well. For example, for investment, most often Russians choose well -developed countries in the West of Europe, which has a stable economy and the lack of serious obstacles to the purchase of foreign real estate to foreign. These countries include Germany, France, Austria and Great Britain.

And in order to relax, compatriots prefer housing in such resort zones of central, southern and eastern Europe, such as Spain, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovin and so on. These countries are the first to attract us by the fact that it is here that you can safely combine summer vacations with profit from renting your apartment at any time of the year. We are also attracted to us here and a very democratic price. Most families are ready to move abroad, at least due to high-quality education and a wide range of posts.

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