Buying an apartment of an intermediary

Rubric: real estate in Russia, useful | Date: 2013-02-16

Hello, dear readers.  Finally, long -awaited funds for the apartment are collected and you can start searching. Dozens of newspapers, thousands of ads in the world web and patient viewing of ads of ads can definitely give their results. But! They can lead the false path to scammers who will temptingly talk about the delights of the apartment, the output of the windows for the park and pleasant neighbors. And when the deposit is made, suddenly the castles will be changed and the owners in this desired almost house will be outsiders who assure their non -involvement in the deal. They were on vacation and gave just the keys to good friends. And here is what an incident turned out to be. Of course, at this place it would be possible to laugh. But. more tears roll over the eyes due to lost precious rubles. And, after all, all this could not be.  Any real estate agency in Almetyevsk offers a full package of documents to verify real estate sellers.  The entire package is taken and checked by each comma, check the photos and patiently wait for an answer on all requests. Brokers will study the conditions of sale as responsibly as possible for their 5%, make reality to its financial side and only after that they will give their assessment. Buying an apartment – a huge risk. This is not the photo in the passport or utility debts – this is already a bad story of the apartment. She must notify the future owner about her and share their thoughts in resolving the problem as soon as possible.

Plus, the real estate agency will legally accompany the deal.  Filling out documents and signatures at the notary will be delivered in the presence of lawyers who will become guarantees of the conditions of the contract of purchase/sale. They will help establish the truth in unforeseen situations or unpleasant exceptions from the rules. So, the money will be protected at the hands of scammers. Buying an apartment.

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