Alexey Wells: the best photographer for a London wedding

A modern wedding requires quite a lot of specialists. It is necessary to organize a banquet, a cultural program, drivers… But the main thing, of course, is photographs. Photography and videography are mandatory at a wedding, and a lot depends on the professionalism of the photographer. And if the celebration takes place abroad, finding a professional becomes a real problem. However, if you are planning a London wedding, you won’t have to worry too much about the choice: there is Alexei Wells Photography.

More about the photographer

Alexey Wells is a wedding photography specialist. He chose this particular direction, because it is at a wedding that you can find the most touching moments and brightest emotions. The moment when two people become a family is simply overflowing with feelings, and an experienced photographer can capture it on film. Such photos are the most valuable. You can succumb to fashion, invent complex compositions and insert fancy effects, but if there is no genuine emotion behind it, how much are such shots worth? Wells believes: wedding photographs should be as natural and spontaneous as possible. Then, decades later, the couple will look at the photo and be filled with pleasant memories.

Wells is the leader of a whole team of photographers and assistants. He is able to cope with a wedding of any size: he covers both small intimate events and large-scale celebrations for a thousand guests. The photographer uses professional equipment that is reliably protected from failures and breakdowns, and guarantees high quality shooting.

What you can get

Already interested? Find out more on what Alexey Wells is capable of. Here is a partial list of what the customer receives.

  1. Photography in London, the UK and beyond.
  2. Flexible customization of the service package to suit your ideal wedding.
  3. 50–70 professional photographs per hour, each processed. The pictures will be completely ready after 4-8 weeks.
  4. An online gallery created for a specific wedding. The couple can share the link with friends and guests, add their own photos and download existing ones.
  5. Premium wedding album.
  6. There is a complete absence of watermarks even on the images posted in the gallery. The photos are at the customer’s disposal in their entirety.
  7. Lots of ideas for the most spectacular and soulful photographs.
  8. Polite correct behavior. In Wells’s company, any couple feels at ease and expresses feelings freely.

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