Ceramic tiles in the interior

Manufacturers offer a huge variety of ceramic tiles. It varies in size, color, texture, drawing. The tile is floor, wall, for the facade, pool, etc.D. In what cases the ceramic tile will play an important role in the interior design, and where it will not be quite appropriate, let’s try to understand several examples.

In the kitchen, ceramic tiles can be laid out as a apron above the surface of the desktop, it is easy to wash, and it does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture and detergents. The tiles can be selected both plain, corresponding to the main color of the walls or kitchen set, and with the decor, which can depict kitchen utensils, fruits, vegetables, utensils, etc.D. You can also put floor tiles on the floor in the kitchen. All pollution from cooking will easily wash her.

In the bathroom, ceramic tiles are simply necessary. Taking shower, there is a high probability of splashing water on the walls or floor. Another material will simply deteriorate under the influence of moisture. The tile will also protect about the manifestations of the fungus and mold, which mainly appear from damp.

Floor tiles will also be appropriate in the corridor. From her just remove the dirt and sand brought from the street. It is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth and the floor will again become perfectly clean.

But in the children’s room, floor tiles are absolutely useless. Firstly, it is cold, and the children, especially small ones, spend most of the time on the floor. Secondly, a child can throw a toy or some other object on the floor, a chip or crack may appear on the tile from the blow.

If you have your own private house, then you can put the tile on the facade. She will look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. But for street work, you should choose frost -resistant tiles, otherwise in the cold season it can fall off or crack. A huge assortment of ceramic tiles is presented here.

You can also lay out the tracks in the garden with frost -resistant tiles. But here it must be taken into account so that the tile is with a rough surface. Since the smooth surface when water gets on it becomes very slippery (for example, after rain or dew, it will be possible to slip and fall).

Tiles are indispensable in the pool. It is easy to wash and she will not let ground water and dirt. It is better to choose the tiles of blue tones, then it will seem that the water in the Blue basin. If the pool is located outdoors, then the tile also needs to be used frost -resistant.

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