Chinese painting in Odessa

Chinese painting is fundamentally different from the painting of Western and in the subject, and in form, and in the applied visual means.

Chinese paintings are written in mascara with either vegetable or mineral paints on silk, or on special paper. The main tools for Chinese painting are a brush, mascara, mesmerization, paper.

If you are interested in Chinese painting in Odessa, contact the art studio of Olga Gumanyuk. Our professional artists will create a real masterpiece for you, which will give your home the originality of the East. There is also a huge selection of ready -made paintings, one of which may be interested in you.

The Chinese betray great importance to how the picture is located in space. For example, it is believed that the bedroom should hang paintings of a soothing, pacifying nature, and not those that convey excitement or strong experiences. In the dining room will be appropriate paintings that depict vegetables or flowers that symbolize abundance and create atmosphere of harmony. If the picture is devoted to a certain season, then it is necessary to place it in the corresponding part of the room: for example, for spring the best place is in the east, and for the fall – in the west.

Having decided to purchase one of the paintings in the style of Chinese painting, listen to your intuition and correctly catch your sensations, and then choose exactly the canvas that fully corresponds to them.

We are pleased to invite all lovers of Chinese painting to the site /where you can evaluate the paintings of our artists made in this style. You can get acquainted with them in our gallery. On the website of the art studio you can also place an order that we will enjoy fulfilling.

We provide our services in Japanese painting, as well as in writing portraits and developing interior design. You can contact us (in case of questions) by contact phone numbers or through e -mail. We are glad to our regular customers, whose reviews about our work are posted on the art studio website, and those who are addressing us for the first time.

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