Granite and marble window sills

In any house or apartment, an important element is the windowsill. Many designers more refer to window sills from materials such as granite and marble, they are also particularly sophisticated. Of course, that this is not a cheap pleasure, however, it is worth it, since such window sills have a lot of advantages.

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As for marble, namely window sills from such material, they are highly durable, they are not afraid of strokes and temperature changes. Even the highest humidity will not damage marble. The installation of such window sills is quite simple, and special care is not required. The intelligent splendor of such a windowsill will always please. To do this, you only need to lead moist cleaning from time to time. As well as window sills from such material do not need to be painted or periodically repair.

As a rule, white marble window sills are used, but marble can be painted, and in addition to staining it has corners and different shapes. Such window sills are suitable for any room with any interior, in this case it is important to make the right measurements, and choose the desired coloring.

Granite window sills are also praised by many virtues. They are not afraid of large strokes and weights, which means that they can become a replacement for marble window sills. Granite is famous for a variety of colors.

Sloths from such materials will go out faster than fashion, which will lose their quality and attractiveness.

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