Smart Contract Audit Service: detailed audit for company security

A smart contract is a specially prepared program that is considered an analogue of a classic contract. But at the same time, this smart contract includes not only the blockchain, but also the corresponding business logic. Smart Contract Audit Service allows you to conduct a detailed audit.

Blockchain Security and smart contract verification is something that needs to be done in advance. All actions should be implemented within the established time frame. Web3 Security Audit should only be performed by professionals.

Check Features

To determine the state of smart contracts, professionals conduct high-quality testing and analysis. In order to achieve a unique effect, professionals use a variety of approaches.

  1. Static analysis is used to debug source code. All actions will be carried out until the application is launched. In order to promptly determine whether there are vulnerabilities, it is necessary to pay special attention to the source code. All actions should be completed before the first launch. This also takes into account whether the application complies with a set of standards and rules.
  2. Dynamic analysis. The essence of this check is that the application is tested and verified already at the stage of use. The main purpose of the audit is to determine whether the business strategy is properly developed. In order to increase the efficiency of the testing process, professionals recommend carefully studying the input data. Input data can be entered if necessary.

Features of smart contract audit

In order to achieve a unique effect, professionals act in accordance with established standards and current requirements.

  1. Initially, a thorough review and study of the source code for the smart contract is carried out in detail. In this case, the check can be carried out in such a way that all shortcomings and problems can be identified in a timely manner.
  2. Automated testing is what allows you to create blockchain tests. In this case, all actions can be implemented in accordance with established requirements and standards.
    Based on the data that will be obtained in the process, a report is drawn up. And in the future, various tools can be used to improve key indicators.

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