Titting cutter

Covering the walls with ceramic tiles, as well as, laying the tiles on the floor, it is necessary to cut it in size. For walls, the tiles can be cut off in size using glass cutter, or manual mechanical tile cutter.

With floor tiles, everything is completely different, and especially if it is a porcelain tile. In extreme cases, a grinder with a diamond disk is used, but a lot of dust is created. But this method is good for two, three units.

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For volumetric work, you need to buy an electric tile cutter. But there are a lot of advantages. A small machine, desktop, on legs – electric glass cutter.  The tile is cut with a diamond disk having a protective casing. There is a pallet under the desktop, in which there is water during operation, while rotating the lower part of the disk touches its. Cooled and cut better.

The machine has a guide bar in the configuration, with which you can set the desired size. Can also be cut at an angle of forty -five degrees. With any tile work, such a tile cutter is an excellent assistant that makes it possible to bypass the outer angle, while the integrity of the tile is not disturbed, sawn down from any angle. But, like any other electrical appliance or tool, requires safety precautions. And this cannot be neglected. Glasses and respirator – are required!

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