Vallelunga tile

Wood The most common material for the construction of a bathhouse. It has excellent properties for these types of premises: low thermal conductivity, lightness. The log of the most popular building material from wood.

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The log of the log is made by passing the log through a special machine with a set of cutters, after which the log goes out of an ideal cylindrical shape. For a tight fit of logs, a recess is selected to each other. Using the project, in every log, very accurately, up to a millimeter, a cup is cut out. After cylinder, wood does not lose its properties and qualities.

Each log has its own number, the assembly is made strictly according to the design documentation. The logs are laid in the crowns, between which the jute is laid, for a tight fit of the crowns, which are fastened to each other with the help of the bastards. The installation of walls is carried out quickly thanks to the assembly cards, and is performed at any time of the year.

A large drawback of the logs is considered a large shrinkage, about ten percent, which occurs due to the drying of wood. Based on this, it is recommended to give a log house for about a year, before the subsequent decoration of the building.

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