What distinguishes children Aquarius

The fact that the character of a person depends on the stars was noticed by the first astrologers. Centuries -old observations confirmed the belonging of certain character traits to each of the zodiac signs. People born under the same constellation have a similar psychological portrait and typical behavior manners.

What distinguishes children Aquarius

Aquarius sign can be described in two words – curiosity and curiosity. This is an inquisitive, freedom -loving sign. Liveliness of the mind, mobility and originality are combined with some self -love and independence. From nature, Aquarius is kind, sociable and quickly “surpassed” by friends and acquaintances.

What distinguishes children Aquarius

Children-Children are independent and stubborn, inventive and original. From the very young age they are gushing ideas, constantly inventing and mastering something. Adults can only be surprised at the outstanding abilities of Aquarius, and sometimes scared of such indomitable imagination.

Aquarius children gravitate to everything unusual and interesting. It is difficult to organize them and direct their indefatigable energy to study. If the little Aquarius is boring, then no force will make him do anything. Mothers have to go out in every possible way to interest their child. But if something interesting happens nearby, it does not need to intentionally attach it-most likely, he is already nearby, closely observes what is happening. Or maybe the most direct part is.

What distinguishes children Aquarius

The behavior of children-waterplayers may vary, depending on the date of birth. Thus, children who were born from January 20 to January 27 can be several arrogant. Everything that they do is presented condescendingly and majestically, and for their merits they expect praise and recognition.

Children whose birthday is for the period from January 28 to February 13 – these are rebels and dreamers. It is very difficult to accustom them to order, it is difficult to inspire some norms of behavior. You can cope with them only by asking for help. Any attempts to call for duty not only will remain not noticed, but take bayonets. However, despite the revolutionary manners, a dreamy nature makes them too gullible. Often they are not able to refuse others, and parents need to teach this their children.

From 14 to 18 February, children are born innovators. They are exploring everything new and interesting, believing that the newly created better better than the old.

The abilities of children-waterpoxes are also classified by dates. Until January 27, children with non -standard thinking are born. They have a very developed intuition. Born from January 28 to February 4 are researchers. They are very insightful and able to notice every little thing. Such children are interested in everything, but they are especially attracted to natural science. If a child was born from 4 to 18 February – this is a future art critic or humanitarium.

Relations with peers in children-vodlei are perfect. They are friends literally with everyone, by virtue of their curiosity. It is equally interesting for them to communicate with different people in nature, and they do not attach importance to the social origin of friends. But the children born before January 27 maintain relations only with those who are in solidarity. If there are any discrepancies in the views, then little Aquarius will most likely stop all communication with his acquaintance. Birthday after January 28 to February 10 involves a compassionate nature, with a good heart. These are future defenders. Already at an early age they seek to patronize and take care. Children who were born after February 10 are very amorous and sensitive.

Beautiful parents grow out of children’s children. These are fathers in which children do not bow, and caring, attentive mothers. Aquarius know very well what they want and consistently go to their goal. Aquarius rarely become teachers or sellers. For them it is too simple. Their profession is an ichthyologist, archaeologist, oceanographer, anthropologist. Aquarius often achieve great success.

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