What is renovation

Many of you have probably asked one single, but very interesting question that has been tormented you for more than one year: what is the European Republic and what all eat it with? The renovation is a concept that will not work out immediately, you need to explain everything in detail and in detail, so that if a person starts to make repairs on his own, everything was immediately clear and there are no difficulties during the process.

This is not a simple redevelopment of the premises and the replacement of windows, this is a detailed and long process that can be adjusted along with the already done or change minor interior details. Typically, many order renovation services from the site .

By the way, one of the most common types of work is just cosmetically and overhaul, European repair is found not so often in apartments.

Cosmetic repairs: well, here it is clear, replacing some parts in the interior, decoration painting of wallpaper gluing and replacing windows with coatings, everything is not so difficult.

Overhaul: Here you already need to think radically over all the objects in the apartment in order to prevent any misses.

And finally, European repair: a complete replacement of all components in a house with a complex approach: from a design project to control over work and quality.

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