What was worn in ancient Babylon and Assyria

The culture and life of ancient states depended directly on their location. Ancient Babylon is no exception. The immediate proximity of militant tribes laid out a mark on the life and culture of this city.

Clothing in ancient Babylon was designed to protect a person from enemies. It was sewn mainly from leather and fur – developed cattle breeding supplied the necessary materials for this. A canvas for shirts was produced from the wool, without which the Vavilonian costume was not complete.

The main clothing of the inhabitants of Babylon and Assyria is a shirt and a raincoat from animal skins. The cloak was then considered a special privilege and, as it were, symbolized a veil from the rest of the world, thereby separating the one who wore it.

Women also wore a shirt that was tightly fitting to the hips and was lush at the top and narrow sleeves below. Furs were embroidered over the entire surface, and the neckline was decorated with a fringe. Clothing in Babylon and Assyria was created by a cut, which was a curiosity at that time.

After Babylon fell, Assyria becomes more powerful and comes to another level. Clothing here is simple and straightforward – in men this is a simple shirt -skirt – Kandy – from wool, linen or cotton fabric, with a sleeve to the elbow.

What was worn in ancient Babylon and Assyria

Belonging to noble blood was determined by the design of the material and length. The longest and rich candidate was the ruler. Only he belonged to the right to wear several clothes at the same time, and Kandy King was supplemented by a cloak Konas. Konas was a long and narrow cut, and for simplicity in circulation it was not sewn on the sides. His front edge was rounded, and the hem from the back remained straight along the cut. The edges of Konas were sheathed with a wide purple fringe. For beauty, Konas was embroidered with cords, brushes and gold plates, on which the sun, stars and the moon were depicted.

In the poor and commoners, the Candy shirt barely reached the knees and was from rough fabric. At the court shirt ended with fringe. This distinctive feature made it possible to find out the position of a person at court – the wider the fringe on his hem, the closer he is to the king.

Military leaders could be recognized by a belt with a fringe, which was crossed on his chest.

The headdress had only the name of the king. Kidaris – as he was called – was from the finest white felt. It flaunted rosettes in the form of the sun made of gold. From the same precious metal there was a shishak at the top. They were decorated with a white ribbon, fringe and precious stones.

Commoners covered their heads than they had to, basically it was a felt or leather hat.

What was worn in ancient Babylon and Assyria

In Assyria, shoes were allowed not only to the king, but also to noble warriors. Sandals here were different in that they were with the backdrops. A little later, shoes appeared in Assyria.

Women’s costume in Assyria was not distinguished by the sophistication. Women in the ancient East could not make any decisions themselves, even if it concerned clothes. Therefore, modesty and simplicity were present here. Direct cut dresses have always been with long sleeves. Assyrians wore a small hat with a lapel on their heads.

Noble ladies were done by noble ladies – they were allowed to sheathe shutters with fringe or decorate them with embroidery.

In general, in the east it was believed that a woman should be beautiful face, not an outfit. Women carefully watched themselves: they whitened and blossom their face, painted eyebrows, looked up. In Assyria, at that time there was nothing unusual in dyeing hair. Did it henna and basma.

In Assyria, a lot of attention was paid to the hair.

What was worn in ancient Babylon and Assyria

This was very important because the neatly cleaned head testified to human morality. They diligently looked after the hair, carefully combed them back. If a person did not take care of his hair, he was despised.

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