What you need to know when pasting wallpaper

Wallpaper pashing is not such a simple process as it seems at first glance. First of all, they should be selected and purchased. Today there is something to choose from, since the variety of species that are available in the construction market can satisfy any attractive taste. Depending on the type of wallpaper, the number of rolls should be calculated, which are necessary for pasting the room. You also need to purchase a suitable glue, when buying which they focus on the type of coating.

Now there are specialized and universal adhesive mixtures. The highest quality universal are adhesives, which is based on methyl cellulose. They are suitable for all surfaces. Specialized focus on the specifics of the basics of wallpaper. For example, when pasting vinyl wallpapers, it is worth applying the glue that is created specifically for them. It differs in level pH. To paste the wallpaper of light colors, you need to use glue that has a low pH level (6-7).

Glue the wallpaper on the walls that are carefully cleaned of the old coating. Old wallpapers are well removed if they are wetted with water. In problematic places, you can iron them through a wet rag with a hot iron. The walls themselves must be aligned well: remove the previous whitewash, if there is and close all the cracks. In this case, the wallpaper pasting will remain for a long time.

It is more correct to paste wallpaper in the warm season and necessarily with completely closed windows, avoiding drafts and damp. To protect yourself, you should turn off the electric current in the room. As a rule, the wallpaper is measured with a margin.

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