Which resource to use if you want to stay up to date with the latest news

The main information in the modern world is distributed via the Internet. An important role in this process is played by news sites that provide links to sources, check the data before publication. For residents of the Kharkiv region, Slobidskyi krai is such a resource.

Web resource characteristics

The information portal is focused on publishing news and other information that is important for Kharkiv residents or residents of other settlements in the region. Here you can find the messages of Lozova news, or any other city, town, village.

The site is maintained by the public organization “Slobodskoy Krai”. It also includes a newspaper, which prints part of the news posted on the website. In addition to specific relevant messages, the web resource contains the following sections:

  1. General. In it you can learn about news and decisions concerning the authorities, get information from the world of politics, economics, and the agricultural sector of the region. It also constantly reports on the phenomena of cultural and sports life, concerning the region itself or the people who came out of it.
  2. Regional, where the information is divided into separate districts of the region. There are messages from Balakliya news, other urban and rural centers.
  3. A special section called “Multimedia” has collected all the visual information that characterizes the events and the specific life of the region.
  4. Special projects are separate topics that have been developed and are being developed by the journalists of the publication. These questions are of interest to the inhabitants of the region, they affect various aspects of their lives.

Typically, messages are printed in chronological order on the main page of the site, duplicated in the relevant sections. For a convenient search, you can set a specific date to find messages for that day.


This portal is the most detailed and accurate news resource of the Kharkiv region. Only verified, reliable information is posted here, which must be referenced when reprinting.

If the information appeared on the site, then they can be completely trusted, the web resource does not participate in information wars, conducting various disinformation campaigns. All data has a clear source, is verifiable. They appear promptly, are regularly updated if events and processes are under development.

All information is useful, in demand for all categories of citizens, ranging from public figures, businessmen and ending with ordinary citizens.

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