Bearing of roof overhangs

Siding is a traditional material that is customary to be used when baking pediment and cornice overhangs. Siding is faced with walls and overhangs, it not only protects the house, but also decorates it. We can often find the metal and vinyl types of siding. Metal siding for private housing construction quite expensive pleasure. And vinyl over time shows its some of the shortcomings. Even a fluid poult nest will cause aesthetic harm. In addition, the metal hem is complicated in installation and time -consuming, and over time it can rust. The PVC Wagon is initially not very aesthetic appearance, and under the influence of sunlight and humidity, the color of color disappears. Another important drawback of the lining is the absence of ventilation gaps, which is extremely necessary with the optimal functioning of the roof.

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More recently, an excellent and interesting alternative to Siding – Sofita appeared. If you translate this word into Russian, it denotes the ceiling. Such an understanding will never allow you to confuse this concept with other sophists – special lighting equipment. Sofit is essentially a panel, the constructive predestination of which is contained in the decorative solution of the ceiling, in the aggregate concept of house design. In addition, this is an additional roof ventilation that will protect against the deterioration of layers of the roofing cake with moisture and fungus. Turning to such panels for help, it is possible to sew all kinds of surfaces in the horizontal plane of any house without difficulty. But first of all, this applies to cornice and pedimental overhangs. The main distinguishing feature of sofiles from siding is the existence of perforation. Which allows you to combine quite important functions in one material – ventilation and decor.

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