Hypsum plate

The ceiling is almost the main site at the time of the repair work. The ceiling needs to be paid special attention, because it is a roof, in fact. At the moment, this trend is increasingly observed when designers use special backlight to illuminate the ceiling, such an effective and rather original solution, beautifully and conveniently. Usually such a backlight is made of drywall. Recently, moldings from polyurethane are not highly popular with their prices are not high.

Just do not forget that the main element is precisely the lighting, since thanks to it you can emphasize a special style and highlight certain elements, or close them. In decoration, light is used by designers as the main element. The backlight can be performed in three main ways.

The first method is to install general lighting. Most often, to perform this method, lamps or special lamps are used. As a second method, the target division into zones is used. So it turns out that one zone will be brightly lit, and in the second zone the lighting will be faster. Even before the design of the ceiling, you need to decide what lighting comes into one or another room. After all, you need to remember that such a procedure still needs to install various cables, wiring.

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