Brick barbecue

Marbage in the country is just an indispensable thing, especially in a summer dance, when a large number of people gather in the country.  Calls can be anything: it can be figurative, so that it can be taken with you not only to the country, but also when traveling just out of town.

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The most reliable version of the barbecue, which is able to last years is a major barbecue raised from such a maternal as brick.

Such a barbecue will last a very long time, since to create it will be used exactly the same brick that is used to build furnaces.  In addition, it will be possible to cook on it, regardless of the weather.

All that is needed to create it: brick, cement, sand and metal grille.  For the barbecue you do not need to create the foundation, but where the place will be located, you should choose carefully, since if necessary, just move it will not work.

The construction of the barbecue will take no more than one for, since the design of such a building is quite simple.  After the barbecue is completely raised, it should be left for about one week so that the solution is completely dry.  All the grown is ready and you can cook the most delicious barbecue on it.

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