Brick walls – warmth and comfort

Our grandmothers and mothers still remember that in the last century there was a wonderful fashion for brick walls. At that time, it was difficult to find an apartment in which there would be no brick walls, namely wallpaper with imitation of brick. They were glued anywhere: in living rooms, corridors, and even in the bedrooms. However, brick walls have not yet gone out of fashion and are actively used to create various interiors by designers around the world. It is worth considering that brickwork looks original and organic, it should be real. Of course, in your homes you can expose a brick and thus make a wall that will be an excellent element of housing decoration. But what to do to those people who live in multi -storey panel houses?

In this case, it is necessary to apply tricks, and it is not necessary to use real and whole bricks. You can cut them into small bars and glue them with glue to the wall. You can also use ordinary polystyrene foam, which must be previously aged using a hot knife. The result will get an effect that will surpass all the most daring expectations. Such a wall can be repainted in any color with conventional paint with the addition of any color pigment.

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