Brickwork in the interior

One of the fashionable design solutions in the interior is brickwork. The birthplace of the decor of the walls with unprocessed stone or brick is considered to be New York.

Of course, the masonry made of natural brick, covered with colorless varnish, is best, but, due to the large weight and, accordingly, a considerable load on the wall, its use is not enough where possible. Therefore, most interiors use alternative methods.

The simplest and cheapest of them is wallpaper with a pattern imitating brick. They can be different in price and quality, such as ordinary paper or vinyl with embossing. But, a significant drawback of this method is that such “bricks” look unnecessary. Recently, the construction of the pig farm is often carried out more about this will not be superfluous to find out about this.

The facing brick looks quite interesting in the interior, it is quite thin and light, therefore it can be used even on thin walls. And the variety of textures and shades will make it possible to realize even the most daring design solutions. The facing brick is glued to the walls with a special glue, after which all the seams are wiped.

The kitchen will be appropriate “brick vinir” – it is a ceramic or clinker tile with imitation of brick. This finishing material is laid, as well as ordinary tiles.

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