Brick walls. Forex Certificate of Foreths Certificate Construction

In the modern construction of residential and civilian buildings in our country, the desire to erect large -panel buildings based on industrial methods of production and installation of products predominates. The method of building residential and civil buildings by house -building plants is most effectively used. This method began to be used for the first time in Leningrad six years ago and is now widespread in many large construction organizations. If you want to know more about Forex’s credit shoulder, then you can do this here: Forex’s credit shoulder


Along with large -panel, a large number of buildings are erected from brick. So, in Leningrad, for example, more than 30%are built, in Moscow – over 60%, and in the RSFSR – over 70%.

The modern level of calculation of building structures allows you to use all the physical and mechanical properties of building material, including bricks and wall laying from it. External walls of brick buildings are prescribed taking into account the bearing capacity, strength, deformity, thermophysical qualities of the masonry, climatic characteristics of the construction area, etc. D.. With an effort to increase the height of buildings to 12 – 20 floors and taking into account the above conditions, the most common thickness of the external walls of brick buildings 2-3.5 bricks, taking into account the reinforcement of the masonry, the facing layer with a brick of various types and variable thickness in height of the wall of the building.

When designing external walls, measures are provided to limit their moisture, which may be from:

a) absorption inside the wall, especially through joints and seams, atmospheric moisture;

b) absorption of moisture condensing on the inner surface, and penetration inside the wall of water vapor;

c) the effects of moisture of household processes that occur in the building;

d) moisturizing the walls of soil moisture.

Brick walls. Forex’s credit shoulder

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