Ceramic blocks

The fuel crisis that arose in the world forced manufacturers of building ceramic materials to change their products and release porous ceramics to the market. It is a large -format hollow blocks. The main feature of such ceramics is that in the course of its production, closed micropores are formed, which significantly improve the heat -insulating properties of wall products.

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Microporas are formed due to the introduction of impurities or special additives into the raw materials that increase the porosity. Ceramic blocks retained all the main advantages of brick and acquired additional properties. The large sizes of ceramic blocks allow you to significantly save on a construction solution for smearing the joints and accelerate the laying process. Due to a relatively small weight, the load on the foundation decreases and thereby its cost. The risk of errors is reduced when laying at the expense of available grooves on the side faces.

Ceramic blocks of various sizes are made, as well as individual elements of floors and interior partitions.

In the production of ceramic blocks, manufacturers use various raw materials and various technologies. As a result of which ready -made blocks differ in the price. When choosing ceramic blocks, first of all, it is necessary to collect information about the shape and size of the voids, as well as their thermal insulation.

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