Porcelain tiles and tiles: what to choose

A large assortment of flooring makes a choice in favor of one rather complicated. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are considered the most expensive and durable. Their use for flooring, makes the interior of the room not only beautiful, but also gives the situation a richer look. Ceramic tiles have been used for a very long time, so all its pros and cons are known. But porcelain tiles began to be used relatively recently, since its advantages and disadvantages have been little studied. By the way, now very often they began to use Litos brick not only for the construction of brick houses, but also for tags.

But time does not stand still and the use of porcelain tile as a flooring is becoming more and more popular. So what is the advantage of porcelain tiles? Unlike ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are more wear -resistant, which means that its service life is much more. Furniture installed on porcelain tiles leaves no traces, which indicates the stability of the material to mechanical influences. Porcelain tile is an environmentally friendly material, and this is a huge plus that allows you to make a choice in its favor. Since as a result of various influences does not emit harmful toxic substances into the environment. The stability of such a coating to sharp temperature differences, to various adverse weather conditions, allows you to use it in open areas. A wide variety of color shades of porcelain tiles also makes it possible to choose it in maximum accordance with the interior of the room.

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