Decorative panels for interior decoration

The panels are economical and safe for the human body.

Decorative panels for interior wall decoration are considered one of the best material. The panels appeared recently, but fell in love with the consumer, because they allow you to easily level the surface of the wall.

Decorative panels for interior decoration can be used not only for repairing living rooms, such as kitchen, bathroom, but also for public premises.

You can also use decorative panels in the decoration of hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, and so on, because this material has low thermal conductivity, high soundproofing, hygiene and simple in care.

Decorative panels have a large selection of color and textures, which allows you to use material in office rooms, sports halls, even in canteens and restaurants. It is quite possible to finish the winter garden, loggia, bathroom and pool.

The panels are divided into several types:

one. Set panels from rails – look like a lining.

2. Tember from plates – they look like a square plate.

3. Leaf panels – look like a large plywood with a pattern.

Decorative panels from different materials are made. For example, there are PVC panels that differ in simplicity of installation, while there is no construction garbage. This material withstands temperature changes, resistant to moisture and serves for 10 years. Wall panels can even replace the tile. There are also MDF panels, they can replace the FEP, since this material does not have harmful substances, and have good noise and thermal insulation. Fire panels for walls have become popular today. In addition, they have antibacterial properties that do not allow a fungus, so they often use in the design of cafes, restaurants, hotels. These panels are easy to install and easy to wash.

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