Facade decor: approach parameters

Professional opinion is always valued extremely expensive. Especially if it comes to a truly experienced specialist. In order to find this from a moaning thousands of tempting offers, it is necessary to carefully select, focusing on the full range of the proposed capabilities, work experience, customer reviews and pricing policy.

This is especially important if you want to get a qualitatively executed facade decor. Because this transformation of your house will be seen not only by you, but also by neighbors, and just passers -by.

What and what to decorate?

The decor of the facade is not only the decoration of the front of the appearance of the room directly, but all the surfaces around the perimeter of the entire house. However, we want to note that all these areas can somehow be marked, but we do not recommend using all of them at the same time. It may look too clumsy and excessive. In order for the facade the decor to look spectacular and fresh – it is worthwhile to correctly emphasize some details of the exterior.

The most popular material that is used for the implementation of this kind of work is polystyrene or other variation of it – polystyrene foam. Not always experts are able to divide these two types of raw materials. Quite often, a slight difference in density indicators simply does not take into account. According to technical points, one can only note the fact that the grains of polystyrene foam are less pronounced, due to which, in fact, some masters consider it a more dense, reliable. In any case, the physical characteristics of these materials are practically identical. They are universal and practical in their use.

The decor of the facade should be covered with a reliable and high -quality coating. Pay attention to both the composition of the mixture itself and how it is applied – there should not be flows, passes or layers. Then this type of finish will last you for a very long time, some sources promise as many as 25 years old. At the same time, the pristine appearance will remain the same. Moreover, it is the coating that prevents the occurrence of mold and decay processes, since the material becomes protected from absorption of moisture. So this type of product will perfectly suffer any weather conditions. Color solutions are possible from snowy white to bright yellow. You can view possible variations of exterior in the catalog of the online store. Then it will be as easy for you to explain to the designer what result you expect.

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