Dies (Lerki)

Dies (Lerki) – a special type of metal -cutting tool designed to apply external threads to the part. This can be done both by machine and manually. This itself is a nut made of steel with sharp, cutting holes. This tool is used for cutting metric, conical, inch and pipe threads. The widespread use are dice for applying threads with a diameter of up to 52 mm long. Several holes are usually made on the dies (from 3 to 6) designed to remove the chips. For the production of this tool, various types of alloy steel are used. Its thickness can be from 8 to 10 turns.

Dies are the following modifications:

Solid. Due to high rigidity, they are used to apply high condition carvings (metric and conical). Their minus is that they have small wear resistance.

Round. Stop screws are fixed in the bogs or fixed in cartridges for cutting threads.

Sliding dies. Placed in ducks, which have the appropriate guides for this purpose.

Clushed dies. They tend to spring, while changing the diameter of the applied thread in the range equal to 0.ten.3 mm.

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