We plan a furniture of small kitchen

Small kitchen allows beginners to plan interiors to practice perfectly. After all, even limited space can be turned, as they say, into “candy”. Here you can choose a mattress for the home, by the way. What rules should be executed in order to reasonably dispose of the space offered to you – especially in terms of arranging furniture? First of all, we recommend that you measure exactly the area and perimeter of the room, figure out how much space you are ready to take it under furniture and large appliances as a whole and for each item separately. Do not forget that there are things without which the kitchen is simply impossible to imagine. These are tables for cooking and just for eating, washing, refrigerator, a place for storage that do not require cold products and kitchen utensils, of course, a stove.

Try to place everything in such a way that massive things are away from the door. So entering the kitchen will become many times more convenient, and the space will look more open. Save the actual area and not to infringe yourself in terms of storage for various gizmos necessary in the kitchen will allow suspended cabinets, shelves, boxes and racks. By the way, we recommend that standard cabinets with open doors prefer options with sliding ones – thus, when they are opened, there will be no extra place. The refrigerator is advisable to choose narrow and high. So it will be easier to store, for example, of various bottles, jugs with lemonade, cans with compote, while a small width will save space additionally.

Tables are usually quite bulky. Try to consider the option, for example, a kitchen cabinet with a part of the countertop or integrate the sink into the working surface. In general, the tables are very good transformers that can change the size. A kitchen corner, sofa or stools can also have a built -in space for storing the utensils that is not necessary, for example, you can keep a mixer there.

And a few tips that relate directly to the interior decorations. Try to get the maximum amount of furniture with glass doors and inserts that reflect light, this visually expands the area of ​​the room. Various decor made of light metal is good in this regard. And one more point: about lighting. It is advisable not to be limited to one chandelier, especially since the large design in this case will make the kitchen look already. Use point lighting, you can add 1-2 wall lamps in the dining area.

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