Division of premises into zones

Before dividing the existing space into zones, it is necessary to determine what zones will be, what furniture or appliances will stand there, what lighting will be carried out.

Of course, you do not need to plan the installation of the office next to the dining room. The location of the computer table can be blocked with a small screen and made in a separate part of the room. The most optimal option for small space will be folding chairs and a table. However, you can leave the dining room, due to the regular use of its territory. There should be a priority vacation spot where upholstered furniture and TV will be installed.

If the room is not very large, and it is difficult to put a screen, then the division into zones can be made visual, using color or various materials. For example, the zone where the dining table will be located can be separated by wallpaper, bright colors. The carpet will help to make zoning the space where the sofa and TV is installed.

Designers, for allocation of zones, they actively use light and different backlights, which can be very diverse. It can be point, auxiliary backlight, you can also use the game level game. Today it is possible to install rotary lamps so that they illuminate the required area of ​​space. This is the most economical option. It is original in terms of design.

A great option for dividing the existing space into zones is considered screens and curtains that can be attached directly to the ceiling. For decor, you can fix the lamps to the cornices.

Right behind the screen you can create a workplace, or install a wardrobe. Of course, the screen will not be able to protect against noise and extraneous sounds, but it will create comfort and will close from prying eyes.

The screen used in the house is desirable to have from one fabric, which coincides in texture.

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