We make a live picture from succulents

If you want to unusually decorate your house or apartment, then you can use live paintings. Their positive quality is that they are not static and can constantly change in the process of their growth. In addition, this living picture needs a small amount of moisture. Succulents also have a large number of shades, so you can always make a beautiful composition.

To create a live picture, you will need to choose a plant of the shade you need. Then cut the cuttings and remove the lower leaves, leaving only one stalk. Now Vending is a profitable and profitable business that will quickly pay for itself. To do this, just buy a trading coffee machine and put it in a passage place.

After that, you need to make a wooden frame from the boards where a live picture will be placed. Such a picture must necessarily have a good bottom that will not pass moisture. After that, a mesh is necessarily attached in the box, which will allow it to be divided into cells, into special honeycombs, where plants will be placed in the future.

After all the preparatory processes, the picture is filled with earth and plants are planted in it. It is best to plant them tightly to each other, no matter what the soil can be seen. The finished picture is hung on the wall in the living room or in the kitchen.

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