Expanded blocks

The main raw materials for the production of expanded clay concrete are expanded clay. Ceramzit, in turn, is the structure of frozen foam, foamed and burned clay. The resulting granules in the production process have high strength, thanks to the formation of a rolled shell. High characteristics of expanded clay, make it an indisputable leader, among porous aggregates.

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Construction with expanded clay concrete has noticeable advantages over use in the construction of concrete. For the construction of the walls of the same area, using expanded clay concrete, it takes half the solution and four times less time than when using concrete. Other advantages of expanded clay concrete include magnificent thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. In addition, this material can regulate humidity in the room, it is environmentally friendly and practical. The main advantages over brick is a lower specific gravity, faster installation, a smaller share of cement and the ability to one expanded clay concrete block, replace seven bricks. Buildings made from this material do not require additional external decoration. Ceramzitonic blocks during the construction process are well combined with other building materials.

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