Keramoplast 1700

Keramoplast 1700 has unique properties that allow it to become the perfect material in the extensive spectrum of building materials. This is a wonderful roof material with excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing properties, durability, environmental friendliness, great strength and other advantages.

Solid wave -shaped sheets used as roofs made of sheet materials differ in the ease of installation on completely different roofing systems. Its elasticity allows you to use material even on curved surfaces.

This product is a consequence of the original development of the latest innovative technologies using natural and synthetic materials. The rich color scheme of this roofing material allows you to create a unique appearance of the house. The excellent technical and physical qualities of pormoplast will allow the product with a properly manufactured crate to last up to 30 years.

The construction of roads cannot be represented without the use of a sand-gravel mixture (PGS) and a sand-duct mixture (PSSS). Materials such as crushed stone and sand will be popular at any time and with any type of construction. When buying these building materials, pay attention to their quality.

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