Flat roof and its insulation

Up to twenty percent of the heat can be lost through the roof. The use of modern thermal insulation materials allows you to reduce the expenses for heating the house.

The flat roof can be insulated from the outside with hard heat -insulating plates. They are laid on the base of panels and the waterproofing layer. After which the structure is crushed with pebbles or paving slabs. The necessary work, despite their simplicity, must perform professionals, since it is highly likely that the supporting design cannot cope with the weight of roofing materials, and the coating will leak.

Rational solution – insulation of a flat roof inside. The thermal insulation process is not difficult, but you should think in advance where and how lighting devices will be placed. Thermal insulation material should be fireproof and have a thickness of at least 25 millimeters. The brand of the material is suitable for you, it is necessary to agree with specialists. Sticks of soft wood are attached to the ceiling. And they are glued to the stove of the selected thermal insulation material, on mastic or special glue. After thermal insulation is laid out on the entire surface of the ceiling, a vapor barrier film is attached to it. Decorative panels are nailed to these strips using galvanized nails.

The attic overlap is insulated with bulk heat -insulating materials. The technology of their laying is similar to the insulation process of roll materials. Thermal insulation is poured between the bars and aligned. To insulate the roof of the hatch, you need to pour insulating material along its perimeter, and nail the panel on top.

Attic floors are insulated from above. In this case, it is effective to use mineral wool heat -insulating plates. The slabs are laid on top of the ceiling or as an option between the bars of the rafter structure. To protect against moisture, lay a vapor barrier layer.

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