Pros and cons of inverter welding for ferrous metal

Welding is an important process that consists in connecting various metals to each other, as well as the fusion of two or more leaf materials. At the moment, there is a wide variety of all kinds of “compounds” elements of black metal. Special attention should be paid to the inverter method of welding. A feature of this welding method is that it uses a special device that provides alternating voltage. But in fact, there is a similarity with ordinary welding (electric shout), however, with inverter welding, the result is more accurate, smooth and high -quality. At the same time, a minimum of electric energy is used. If experts carry out apartments in Kyiv and prices not only for building materials, but also for services are very low.

The advantages of inverter welding include:

Efficiency reaches approximately 95%

The ability to “adjust” the device to various situations (for example, you can adjust the range of currents when working with thin electrodes).

Quite a quick “ignition” of the welding arc and its prolonged maintenance.

Perfect welding seam (there are no defects and cracks).

The compactness of the device and the convenience of transportation and use.

The obvious disadvantages of inverter welding include:

1) the technical equipment of the apparatus is such that it is very demanding on changes in temperature, as well as the impact of the environment.

2) in the case of a breakdown of the unit, its repair will be much more expensive than a conventional welding machine. But he has a longer service life.

3) The equipment is very sensitive to dust. It is possible to prevent it from premature breakdown, if after each use “blowing” the main elements of the welding apparatus with compressed air (air under pressure).

4) Perhaps the most important minus is the cost. Its purchase will cost significantly more than when purchasing a conventional welding machine.

However, these disadvantages are conditional. With proper operation and careful attitude, they are simply not noticed. But you only benefit from the use of inverter welding, so each home master has its presence logically reasonably.

As for the choice of a welding inverter, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. In this case, the high price is not always an indicator of quality. In most cases, the larger the production of production, the better the unit, and the manufacturers set the price affordable, but in any phenomenon there are exceptions, so you should rely on intuition and attentiveness, choosing a welding machine.

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