Glue for tiles

Those ancient times have passed when people used cement to reliable adhesion of wall tiles with a wall. Cement is good for everyone, and it is now used often, because it is not expensive, and perfectly performs its work. But only cement absorbs moisture very well, which can ultimately bring in various situations to difficulties with facing materials that were fixed by this wonderful material. But the glues have long been replaced by cement.

No, these are not the adhesives that were previously sold in small tubes for gluing models of aircraft and ships, and not the ones used by millions of people to repair their shoes. This is a new type of adhesives, more precisely, adhesive compositions, the role of which in modern construction is really extremely high, and therefore glues are used almost everywhere. Especially a lot is used by glue for tiles. And this is not surprising, the use of cement had its disadvantages, and very sensitive, which reduced the life of the tiles. The cement absorbed water, also the cement of heavy material, it still affects the weight of the wall and the facing material can slowly slide. But adhesive compounds are completely different. They are easy in weight, and are very easily applied, they are not expensive, and are able to connect any tile to the surface of the wall almost forever. It is durability that the main trump card of glue for tiles.

Moreover, the market has various types of adhesives for tiles. Here both more durable, and with various additional properties. Of course it is difficult to choose in such a variety, but there is nothing complicated in this. It is enough to know what needs to be required from modern adhesive compounds for tiles. The buyer should not confuse various assurances of sellers, that this or that glue is better, therefore more expensive. The main principle in choosing glue for tiles is not a price or a brand, but practice. You need to try only glue for tiles once, and then you can immediately understand how effective it is.

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