We glue non -woven wallpaper

Glue wallpaper on a non -woven basis is quite simple. But there are some nuances that need to be taken into account when working. Everyone is used to the fact that the wallpaper before gluing should be cut into the same stripes. So you need to do with all the wallpaper, but not non -woven. The fact is that in the process of drying they sit down a little, while contracting in size. Therefore, the wallpaper is cut in already glued form. At the same time, you need to leave the income about five centimeters at the top and below.

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Further, smear the wallpaper in any case. Glue is applied only to the wall, and then dry wallpaper is applied to it. Before gluing, you should also mark the first sheet. Separately, it can be noted that gluing non -woven wallpaper is much easier than ordinary. Firstly, without glue, they are much easier, while they do not twist, bubbles of air, creases and folds do not appear on them. The non -woven canvas is slightly wider than paper, it also plays its positive role.

Most often, non -woven wallpaper is white, as they provide for further staining. This can only be done after the wallpaper has completely dried, that is, not earlier than in two days. Paint is applied with a roller. There are more unusual staining methods. For example, a coloring substance can be applied directly to the wall or on the back of the wallpaper. Since the non -woven is transparent, the walls will have a dim muffled color.

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