Kievans earn housing rental

Kievans who hand over their own property for rental use, officially registered during the reporting period of last 2013, declared income from such receipts of more than 30 million hryvnias. This information was confirmed in the Main Directorate for Duties and Revenues on the territory of the metropolitan region.

Everything is done extremely simply: buying an apartment, then repair, then rental. Kohl spoke about repairs, I want to remind you that only high-quality materials, kg-kl cable, reliable pipes and so on should be used. You will not argue with the fact that the wires should withstand the load on the electric network, the pipes withstand water pressure and so on.

As of the end of February, the Kiev residents submitted a total of more than 300 tax returns, while the amount of declared income exceeded the mark of 30 million hryvnias. In accordance with the tax on the budget, about 4 were sent from the specified amount.8 million hryvnias – reported in the Ministry of Revenue. Experts agree that in conditions of political and economic instability in the country, the most effective mechanism of safety and subsequent increase in their financial resources is precisely real estate.

According to the latest statistical data, the indicated tool for storing their savings uses no more than 15 percent of Ukrainians.

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