Kyiv BTI and kilometer queues

Most of the metropolitan residents express their concern to the reorganization of local BTI. For this period of time, they are in lines whose length is several thousand people, in order to draw up the technical documentation accordingly. Starting next week, local BTI will simply stop receiving orders from the local population. Such activity is associated with the fact that starting the next year, the registration of property rights will be carried out exclusively by other organizations. All residents are in a certain panic, in this regard, in all possible ways they intend to obtain documentation for ownership as soon as possible. In the capital’s BTI, the lines are beaten by all conceivable records. For six hours thousands of people are in line. Certain Kyivians visit BTI a second time, some of them simply cannot get a technical passport for residential real estate. BTI workers explain already since 2013 have been entering into legal force new rules for registering property rights. A qualitatively new trip scheme will be introduced in new instances.

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