Layout of chamber spaces in the garden

There is not always a place for rabbits, mixborders, which are told by landscape publications in the garden. Space planning requires a competent approach. How designers solve the problem? They faced the same problems as gardeners: how to enter flowers into the garden to use more plants. There is a way out: the flower garden will take on an additional role.




Another technique is to fill with perennials the junction of horizontal surfaces with fences, stairs. Small plants are planted in places of joints between parts of paving. In addition to the possibility of softening lines of such landings, there are many advantages.

This makes it possible to easier to care for landing, which grows at an extended arm. Exquisite and rare species must be placed closer to the observer, in which case all plants can be considered, while in traditional flower beds where they plant everything a little, they would be lost. The scenes separate the place of rest from the main space, crushing it into small parts and creating a frame, drawing attention to the details.

Plants that were planted at the joints of paving with furniture, walls, between slabs, will create a comfortable atmosphere.

Planning and Organization of the Garden Video

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