In the Internet era, iron boxes for mail have not the most important role. Nevertheless, there are mailboxes in housing or country houses and they are necessary – to receive mail: newspapers, receipts, letters and others.

I wonder when the mailboxes occurred. Postal letters originated in Florence, there were references to them, the fact that they used to be very large and wooden. In Germany, for example, artisans were made, decorated with wood processing. In Russia, they arose in November 1848, and made them large and from wood.

Comfortable mailboxes are installed in new buildings in the entrances of apartment buildings. However, in the old residential buildings, there are ancient boxes that have lost the form, and without locks. In order to stop theft of mail, the latest mailboxes with locks are recommended. Mailing boxes are made of stainless steel painted with paint, which protects the case from rust. Strong locks and admissibility of configuration with a dull rear wall are taken into account. Mailboxes are both horizontal and vertical. All banks, organizations use mailboxes.

Personal boxes

In suburban houses, boxes are installed: with a slot at the top and with a lock, there are also such models that are with an internal and external installation. For production, stainless alloy or strong plastic is used. In appearance, the venues of the houses have an attractive design, a place is taken into account for installing an address, telephone room or other required information.

Street boxes for letters in the open air, take on weather conditions: snow, rain, sun and other external factors. Therefore, it is very important that the body is firmly protected. In the Mytischi catalog.Sklad-90 there are metal, as well as plastic boxes for houses with strong housing and safe lock.

We recommend purchasing mailboxes in Mytishchi according to the prices from the manufacturer, as well as with a guarantee. Only here you will find high -quality and durable metal products: mailboxes, iron cabinets, etc.D!

Mytischi.Sklad -90 – Metal furniture in Mytishchi

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