We select material for curtains

The choice of fabric for curtains is completely dependent on consumer preferences. When buying, it should be borne in mind that the fabric in the interior of the room will not look like in a sample from a catalog. In order not to make a mistake, it is better to go to the store where the fabric can be examined with a large piece.

If a combination of several types of fabrics in one curtain is assumed, it is necessary that they are as compatible in care.

Some fabrics definitely need a lining. Especially natural, for example silk. The lining will help to protect from burnout, it will extend the material life. The lining is also useful for fabrics with a stuffed multi -colored pattern. The substrate can be light, even translucent. The lining will make hard fabric softer, increase plasticity, transparent fabric will make a light -resistant fabric. Some types of fabrics are lost in the light. With the help of lining, you can decorate them more advantageous. The curtains on the lining will better protect the room from the cold and noise. You can order sewing curtains in Yekaterinburg with a professional sewing salon and save your time and nerves.

Natural fabrics, even aging, will look noble. However, a mixture of materials (for example, a natural canvas and synthetic) amenable to the influence of the sun, suffer less from wear, and, most importantly, they can be washed. There is another way out – to expose natural fabric with special processing, which will give it the properties of synthetic: it will crumble less, will not give a large shrinkage and will not deteriorate after repeated purges. However, you will have to pay a lot for such processing.

If you want to use furniture fabric for curtains, then it should be borne in mind that they are heavy. To keep them, you need to purchase an enhanced cornice. It happens that the wrong side of such tissues is treated with latex. This increases wear resistance, but the fabric becomes more rigid.

The marking of textiles should be carefully studied: if, in addition to the mark that the fabric is suitable for upholstery of furniture, there is a designation “drapery”, then it is suitable for curtains. The design of curtains made of furniture fabric, the shades of which are present in the interior, may look very impressive.

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