Painting the ceiling – nothing is easier!

Thanks to the latest modern technologies, the ceilings in our apartments and houses have become not just a simple and white surface, but a real work of art. Different types of finishes are simply striking in its variety: suspended, tension, stucco molding, etc.D. But, we strive not only to decorate our house with some ideas, but also to do it quickly without spending a lot of time. In this case, it is necessary to consider in more detail such processes as whitewashing and painting.

Many are associated with simplicity with simplicity, but modern paints and whitewashes can make a real work of art from this surface. It can be performed in any color or divided into zones, and you can also make the ceiling and walls of the radically opposite color. To start work, you need to prepare tools and materials. It is better to do this in advance than later in the evenings, when there is not enough paint, run shopping and spend your time.

After all the materials and tools are prepared, you can start painting. Before this, it is also better to remove the cornices, take out light furniture, and move the larger to the center of the room and cover with polyethylene. It is also necessary to prepare the surface and remove the old whitewash or paint. Whitewashing can be washed off with water, and the paint can be removed with a spatula or using a solvent.

Before applying the paint, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions if there is. High -quality painting the ceiling begins with uniform application of the first layer. It is necessary to roll a roller on the surface, having previously grown it abundantly in the paint. In order to paint the ceiling, you need to have experience, otherwise difficulties may arise. You can first train on a piece of drywall, and then painting the ceiling will not cause much difficulties.

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