Wall painting – easy and simple

If the repair is in full swing and the turn has already come up to paint the walls, then it is necessary to prepare the walls. Painting can be performed manually using a roller or painting hand. Quality preparation of walls before painting is the alignment of the surface of a special plaster mixture on a gypsum basis, wall putting, stressing the surface, applying primer and pasting walls with texture wallpaper, which are designed for painting. When the preparation is completed and the wallpaper is dry, you can start painting the walls using a hand tool. First you should paint the corners, after which you can paint the surface of the wall using a nozzle with a large roller.

When the primary coloring has already ended, it is necessary to wait a while to wait for the wall to completely dry and after that you can start secondary painting. Two -layer painting is necessary in order to avoid the manifestation of non -painted places. Painting of unprepared walls is a waste of time, because after that you will have to redo everything. If wallpaper is glued to the wall, then the preparation of the walls can not be engaged in and paint over the old.

It is worth noting that the wallpaper can be removed from the wall if they are painted in a dark color, and you need to paint in light colors, and stick new ones with a pattern or for painting. Thus, you can change the interior every two or three years. It is very easy to paint the walls and this can be done independently, without the help of builders specialists. It is only necessary to prepare the tool, material and you can start painting work. Wall painting is the easiest and fastest way to decorate the room, and this is under the power of each person. In this case, there is no need to have certain experience or some skills in construction and repair.

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