“Play” color

When doing the interior of an apartment or residential building, you should always take into account the features and properties of all color shades and be able to combine them among themselves. From how the color schemes will be selected in the decoration of walls, ceilings, in the selection of furniture, curtains, flooring and various accessories, depends on how comfortable and cozy your housing will be.

And for this it is necessary to take into account many factors (for example, the location of the rooms on the cardinal points, their illumination, dimensions, etc.P.). It will depend on which color shades to opt for this. Indeed, in the rooms where the windows overlook the south side, it is best to use light colors (“cold” colors), while the northern rooms need more “warm” bright colors.

If expensive furniture is installed in the room, or on shelves and racks – quite valuable things (for example, a collection), and on the walls – masterpiece masterpieces, then these walls can become a worthy background of all this, if restrained calm colors are decorated in restrained. But at the same time, the color of the walls should be in harmony with the flooring, curtains on the windows and upholstery of furniture.

In the same way, using various color solutions in wall decoration, you can visually either reduce or increase the dimensions of the room. For example, the walls “above” will help wallpaper (or coloring) under the very ceiling without the use of philanters. But this is only if in the wallpaper themselves the picture consists of “warm” vertical stripes. The ceiling itself can be “lifted” by painting it in light colors (it is better to use white color with blinking blue).

But a large room can be slightly “reduced” with the help of dark saturated shades (“warm”) or apply wallpaper with a fairly large ornament. We visually “expand” the small room with the help of cold light tones (pale blue, silver-gray, salad, etc.P.). Yes, and curtains, carpets and furniture in this case should also be light shades. Roman curtains selected to match the furniture are well suited for the living room.

In a narrow long room, you can also play in color, making visually its wider and less elongated. To do this, the transverse walls would be nice to arrange in dark colors, and longitudinal ones – in lighter shades. One color can be applied, but opposite shades, or one of the walls can be painted in a different color that harmonizes with the main.

To create a pleasant mood in any interior, the floor is best stain in bright colors. And the doors should also be painted in light colors. As a tradition – this is white. But you can use the color of the ivory or the light shade of gray.

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