Weather conditions during masonry

You must always remember that any wall cannot be built quickly and continuously. On average, no more than one meter of the wall can be erected per day, which is 4 – 5 rows of masonry. If you do not comply with the daily rate of the construction of the wall, then the upper layers can squeeze out a solution from the lowest yet not fixed layers with their weight. The laying of the wall should be carried out only at a plus temperature, then you will not have to add special additives to the solution. It is also necessary to take into account not only the daily temperature, but also the night, since at night the solution also continues to grasp. By the way, now the production of bags is carried out on special equipment, so they are of the highest quality.

In winter, you can also continue to work construction work on masonry, but then you need to use warm water to knead the solution and add special additives. Due to the additives in the solution, a chemical exoteric reaction with a high heat release occurs. If a sudden frost interrupted the process of laying the wall, it is better to interrupt it and wait for the thaw, since the frozen solution has not yet completely grabbed and reaches the necessary strength only after thawing. In such a wall, deformations and deviations from the vertical may occur.

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