Preparation of the bathroom for laying tiles

First of all, it is worth checking the surface of the walls. They must be perfectly perpendicular to each other, to the ceiling and floor. Any deviation from the set parameters will result in catchy curvature of the finishing material. This will significantly reduce the aesthetics of the bathroom.

The leveling of walls is one of the most important elements of preparatory work for laying ceramic tiles. This stage should be done with due scrupulousness and responsibility. Before repair, do not forget to find out how to choose wallpaper for painting.

Old tiles must be removed. To work to align the surface use aligning mixtures, moisture -resistant drywall or plaster. The treatment of drywall is much easier than alternative options. However, in this case, you will have to sacrifice a small space of the bathroom. If the room cannot boast of decent dimensions, it is better to level the walls with special mixtures or plaster. Experts advise for greater strength to use two layers of drywall for ceramic tiles.

Leagulating mixtures are used for a small curvature of walls. Before laying the tiles, even flat areas are primed. The primer provokes the best interaction between the finishing material and the wall, and also strengthens the base for styling.

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