Surface preparation for coloring

Each specialist knows that the durability of the paintwork depends on the correct and competent preparation of the working surface, which includes a number of actions. First of all, it is necessary to clean the surface of old coatings and dirt. Next, putty and priming is carried out. External painting work is best done in dry and sunny weather, The speed of drying of paint and the quality of the entire process will depend on this. The staining of surfaces indoors is carried out if all windows are glazed and entrance doors are hung. This process is made during closed doors and windows.

Before painting, the surface is cleaned from spray of the solution, if there are cracks on the surface, then they are closed and only after that can be primed and painted. Putty is carried out by transverse movements and using special tools. When applying a putty, the tool must be kept at different angles, for better application of the solution. If you need to paint a wooden surface, then it is cleaned and all the dirt should be removed from it. All cracks and potholes are also filled using wood putty. After that, you can primer boards and apply paint.

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