Prepare the basement for the winter period

The construction of almost any modern building should begin with high -quality waterproofing of the basements, because the appearance of dampness, or even water, can lead to a partial violation of the integrity of the foundation, which can further affect the entire building entirely. Below is the process of reliable waterproofing of the basements.

Tough requirements for the waterproofing of the basements are due to the fact that these rooms are practically not equipped with ventilation systems, and natural ventilation does not provide the right amount of air, in connection with which dampness is quickly formed and moisture is accumulated in the room. Description of the processes of proper waterproofing of the basements is presented on many specialized sites. Here you can find data on how long the estrus lasts in cats.

The projects of newly built houses already laid work on external waterproofing, but if you take old houses, or houses that do not have the opportunity to work with the foundation without damage to communication lines, then in these cases it is advisable to use internal waterproofing. It is worth noting that various materials can be used as waterproofing material. So, recently, a polyethylene film is especially popular.

In addition, there are many other materials on the market with their advantages and disadvantages. In order to make the right choice, you should consult with a specialist. At the same time, installation should be performed in accordance with the recommendations of professionals working in this industry. Otherwise, moisture will go inside, which will lead to serious problems.

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