Preparatory work before tile laying


Service of square paving slabs, I must say, enough

continuous, and for this reason the answer to this question will be, in

most of them depend on what technology to do and

What level of quality will the entire direct process have. On the

you can save such an aspect as tiles, but do it on

laying is strongly not recommended. No matter where the tile fits,

A crushed stone and sand pillow will always serve as a basis. AT

some moments, in order to strengthen the base, on the pillow is also made

concrete screed.

So, what are the preparatory work before direct tile laying? Marking all kinds of sites. For

you need to take pegs, roulette, as well as twine for construction.

After the marking is completed, you should walk along the potential path,

to check the level of convenience of operation and, if necessary, make

any adjustments.

We lay the base. I must say that this is the most important

Step in the construction of paths. If the base is correct, the surface

will not sag and serve you for a very long time. The path is

quite a complex design: fifteen is located from below

centimeters of gravel, then there is a ten -centimeter layer of sand, and between

as a rule, geotextiles are laid down (it will avoid

mixing layers of materials that are adjacent to each other, as well as

will provide a free water duct). After that, there is a dry mix in

three -centimeter layer, and seven centimeters of paving slabs.

We dig up the required profile under the site. During these

work, it should be correctly determined by its depth, so that by

the essence of apply sand with rubble. With a profile digging for

about 0.3 cubic meters appear one road meter of square

unnecessary soil, therefore, take care in advance about its appointment.

If you take it somewhere, these are additional financial costs, by

This reason apply it in order to plan a relief or

Pour extra pits. We form a road base. We fill out the finished profile on

fifteen centimeters of gravel and ten centimeters with sand, careful

in the way performing a compact of each of the layers. Put geotextiles

between the layer of these materials, and thus prevent sand

waking up in the gravel layer and add the basis of durability. This, in fact, is all regarding preparatory measures. Next is the laying of tiles.

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