Selection of materials for the carrier wall

Each developer, while choosing a solution for laying wall material, is reported to decide on the choice of its brand. Solutions of brands above M75 have low thermal insulation characteristics, and their increased strength can lead to cracks at the seams. It is also recommended to pay attention to the consistency of the solution. A very plastic solution can simply drain in the cavity of hollow bricks, and this significantly reduces the thermal insulation properties of the wall. By the way, you know that in St. Petersburg ISO certificate can be obtained very easily, you can find out in more detail on the site .

During the transportation and storage of wall material, you need to pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. The entire wall material should be packaged and transported only on pallets. It is best to use the whole material for wall laying. It is also forbidden to use more than 10% hollow blocks or halves in the bearing wall. In the case when the wall is built from brick percentage of halves should not exceed 15%. Halfs or damaged wall materials in large quantities can only be used in interior jumpers or in openings under the window. Therefore, in order not to suffer from the question of where to put broken or spoiled material to look after loading, delivery and unloading of future elements of the wall.

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