We select the bathroom tile

Experts recommend using unglazed tiles that differ in an increased level of stability, as well as a rough coating. For wall decoration, you can use a coating resistant to moisture, as well as chemicals. At the same time, it is necessary to buy porcelain tiles with one batch, as well as in the same color scheme.

What else is important to know?

Next, it is necessary to determine what tone the tile should have, since it depends on it how the interior will look like. It is necessary to proceed with your own taste preferences. At the same time, designers do not advise using dark tones tiles, since it visually reduces the space. In this case, the walls, as well as the floor, must be covered with material, the shades of which are perfectly combined with each other. Do not forget that if you buy turquoise tone tiles, then in the room it can change its own color to green.

When choosing a flooring, it is necessary to take into account the possible period of its operation. In addition, do not succumb to one -day whims of a fashionable course. In the event that black and white tones are more popular this year, then next year heavenly shades or juicy greens can come to the fore. Psychology reports that this room is necessary for relaxation, so you should use pastel, calm shades: pale pink, marine, purple and so on.

For facing the bathroom, it is better to use a coating that has an average size. After all, a fairly large material narrows the premises in the visual plan, but it is quite difficult to put small tiles, in addition, it will look unattractive. Also, laying a small tile is accompanied by a large number of seams, which leads to sufficiently quick corrosion of the surface, the appearance of the fungus, and mold. In addition, it is much more difficult to care for her.

During the design of the bathroom, it is worth using a variety of additional elements, which can be a mosaic. It will look great on the walls that are faced with tiles of the same tone.

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